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Message from the president


Greetings, I am Koshiro Murahira, appointed to the position of Representative Director and Company President on March 15th.

Kumamoto Seisosha Co., Ltd. has been active in environmental ideals for 48 years from the time of its establishment by our
esteemed predecessors, and continues to build on its steady achievements until this day.
From now, we will make use of our recycling technology, which is the strength of our company,
and work towards creating a recycling society.
In particular, we have been contributing greatly towards society by proactively developing a food recycling business,
and making resources from raw garbage,
which provide solutions to financial issues and of course resolve environmental and agricultural issues.

I would like to thank you all for your numerous favorable comments concerning our Bio Plaza Okishin and
Bio Plaza Nagoya, which are the first closed type facilities of their kind in Japan for composting on a large scale.
From now, we will further promote the creation of resources from raw garbage in all areas of Japan, spread the loop of
recycling food on a global scale, form a sustainable recycling-oriented society that harmonizes nature and
the environment, and put all our effort into continuing this.

Looking back, food recycling for which research began 20 years ago ran into continuous mishaps.
However, many years of hard work, together with a great number of experts and customers, has now materialized through Bio Plaza.
We will continue to value the power of human relationships and solemnly focus our energy on business.
Besides, I am still young at 39 years old.
I therefore welcome your friendly, and perhaps even sometimes your strict guidance from hereon.

Koshiro Murahira, Representative Director of Kumamoto Seisosha Co., Ltd.