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 GREEN SUPPLE organic compost

This is a soft and full soil that contains a great deal of nutrients. It is easy to reach the root allowing plants to easily absorb nutrients adequately.

Organic fertilizer GREEN SUPPLE creates a fertile soil and give vitality to plants. It contains abundant useful nutrients and microbes.

This product’s main ingredient is raw garbage from such as food scraps, and is a 100% organic Eco-product that is gentle to the environment.
By creating gaps in the soil grain, the soil becomes soft and fluffy, which allows roots to fully grow.
In addition to containing each type of compost component, it also includes the trace elements manganese, zinc, iron and boron, which are vital to the growth of plants.
Various useful microbes have been bred in this compost.
Just as the fermented yoghurt is good for your stomach, likewise the soil also contains many organisms, which promotes a cleaner soil.
As a result, the plant suffers less illness, and decreases replantation failure.


Basically use this product as you would any other organic fertilizer.
It is perfect for use with all produce and the first fertilizer for flowering plants.
Apply “GREEN SUPPLE” organic fertilizer to obtain the ideal soil from two weeks to two months later.

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We have received favorable reviews from all our patrons about our organic fertilizer. GREEN SUPPLE is an Eco-product that is gentle to the environment. For inquiries concerning GREEN SUPPLE organic fertilizer, please give us a call or fill out the special form.

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