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Environmental management system registration

Applicable standard
Eco-Action 21 guidelines 2009 version (Ministry of the Environment)
Registration number
Registered name
Kumamoto Seisosha Co., Ltd., Head office
Date registered
February 8, 2013
Valid until
February 7,2015

Assessed and registered on February 8, 2013. The company is involved in environmental business.

The company’s environmental policy is open to the general public. We endeavor to maintain the environment while being self-aware of our responsibilities.

Environmental policy

The company will create a sustainable recycling society and contribute towards its maintenance through recycling activities and the business of collection and transportation of waste.

The company will create an environmental management system, and monitor its operation and effectiveness to aim for continuous improvement.

The company will comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, and other requirements to which the company agrees.

The company will utilize technology and information relating to waste processing, and implement appropriate processing and recycling of waste required to create a sustainable recycling society.

The company will economize resources, recycle, and reduce the amount of emitted carbon dioxide. We will implement resource saving by using each type of green goods.

The company aims to enhance equipment control and each type of equipment it owns. We will also endeavor to prevent environmental pollution including pollution control.

The company recommends the participation of its employees in environmental voluntary activities.

This environmental policy not only applies to all employees of the company but also makes it possible for general public to get involved in the management.

Created: October 30, 2002
Revised: March 1, 2012
Koshiro Murahira, Representative Director